Friday, May 12, 2017

Mar 28-Apr 3

Yeah I´m pretty sure that my wallet is gone gone gone. Inside was my debit card, credit card, and driver´s license. My passport is in the mission office though so I´m okay with that. I like my trainer. He´s a good missionary and we've been doing good at trying to follow the rules. We teach pretty well together and he has been helping me with the language. The past week has been stressful for me with the language. Yo no entiendo nada. I can speak better than I can understand. It was the other way around at the MTC. The people talk pretty fast and everything is just one long slurr. Oh boy... it´s been rough. Argentina has definitely been stretching me and I know that in a few months everything will be a lot better. The beginning is just rough though...its hard imagining my whole mission not being able to understand people. I have faith in God though that this is the place that is stretching me outside my comfort zone so that I can grow into who he wants me to be. 

I´ve just given up on everybody drinking out of my cups and stuff haha. I brought my waterbottle to Conference and I bet fifteen people drank out of it. Oh well :) Speaking of Conference, I was so excited because they told me that I would be able to watch it in English in a separate room so we started watching President Eyring´s talk and then the Branch President said we had to watch it in the other room because the wifi couldn´t have both computers. So I saw four sessions of conference and the priesthood session in Spanish and didn´t understand a thing. So that was no bueno because I was really looking forward to conference. 

I hope Minnie´s leg gets better and that she will be excited to get her cone off. I don´t think I knew dogs could get cancer, but I´m glad you guys caught it when you did. I hope she is happy.

I think I might have already said this, but Santa Elena is like half paved and half not. We don´t have bikes only our feet. My feet are looking gnarly! Not to bad, but blisters and such. After conference yesterday, we were in the pouring rain for like 2.5 hours and nobody was coming outside, because here, we clap outside the house for them to come and nobody was coming. I don´t know why I didn´t wear my hood, I think I liked the rain at first, but my hood was filling up with water by the end of the day. And, we couldn´t see anything because it was completely dark. Most of our area is in the barrios (the houses on the dirt roads, kind of like villages) so we were tromping through mud and everything. We finally had one of our families let us in and we had a lesson with them. Half way through, all the power in Santa Elena went out. We finished the lesson by candlelight. Living conditions in the US are the bomb! I can´t say how much everyday life sounds fun to me right now because I can´t imagine having a hot shower, AC, gas for the stove all the time and just things like that. 

The food here is great though! Milenessa is good and we usually have that with the First Counselor´s family every week. Torta fritas are like scones and they are also really good. Mom you should make dulce de leche! I really like it and you can pretty much put it on anything, like Nutella, but it´s better.

We have about 70 people at church a week I think. The branch here is bigger than Greenville. The members are awesome, the deacons like to talk to me because they know I can´t understand squat, but I still have fun with them because then I start talking in English and they just stare at me like huhhhhh.... the members are really good to me though. Karla Lopez is a member that is like 25. She served a mission in Chile and wants to be an English teacher. Every week we teach English at the church for an hour and she helps me with Spanish and I help her with English.

Sounds like things at home are doing good with sports and activities and everything like that. Good luck in track and softball Austin and Savannah! Thanks for the picture Berkeley and Savannah! I miss you Berkeley I´ll see you in 22 months! I´ve really started to miss each of you and right now it kind of seems like forever until I get to see you all again. I know that´s not how I´m supposed to look at things, but I´m really appreciating everything about my family right now because I love each of you and I couldn´t do this without the support you have all given me. I should be able to add pictures this week. If you can, you can take pictures off to make more room to add more things. I love you guys, have a great week!!!!!!

Love, Denver