Friday, May 12, 2017

April 4-April 10

This week has been my best so far! I know that I only have three weeks in the field, but I feel like I´ve been the most happy, and I´ve really been praying to have excitement to go out everyday and I definitely have had more excitement this week. I´m just accepting the fact that I can´t understand anything haha, but the members are really helping me. 

The beginning of this week was really spiritual and the rest of the week was just kind of weird, but good. At the beginning of the week, we found some new investigators. There is something really special about them though. Jacqueline has a boyfriend and a little kid and we left her thinking about baptism. She says she wants to read the BOM first to see if it is true, which is awesome!! I would rather have investigators say this than say, ¨Yeah sure I´ll get baptized.¨ But never follow through with their comittments. We had several opportunities to share the Restoration which has been awesome. 

We have a lot of baptisms coming up in our area. I think 8 this month! Nicolas and Estela Mariz are like our age and they are getting married next week and they are capos de capos. (Really cool) The other one is Camila which I think is Austin´s age and we are excited for her as well. The others are from the other missionaries in our district, but I´m really excited for the investigators in our area that are going to be baptized. 

The past couple of days, we had a lot of activities. I went on my first exchange with one of the zone leaders which was a blast! However, their area is really far from their apartment. It takes like 40 mins to walk to the area! Elder McCartt and I had a really fun time though. They live more kind of in the country and they have a sweet view of the river. Plus they have hot water!! Ours is cold :( Yesterday, we were looking for people to teach after church from 4-5 and we were about 20 mins away from the church. Anyways, we picked up one of our friends. There is a dog that for some reason only loves the missionaries and I don´t know why, but she decided to follow us to the church because we had to go to branch council and we had a family history activity afterwards. She loves to jump too! Ugh, I´m saving the other pair of pants for my suits for after my mission, because it also rained on Sunday and my suit is just a muddy mess thanks to this dog. Elder Kotter was also getting attacked. Anyways, this dog followed us to the church, waited for us for after branch council from 5-6 and from 6-9 we had a family history activity and she also waited for us then. I had to kick her out of the chapel like 6 times because she wouldn´t get out. Ugh, no dogs in the chapel! She followed us home and waited outside our apartment until this morning and followed us to the bank and went into the bank with us. Man we couldn´t loose her. We finally lost her when we went to do laundry but man it was rough. 

Today was the first day for sweaters and I am enjoying the weather today.

Dad thank you for your email, I love your humor. It´s kind of like having you with me a little bit. I miss you a lot and I think I kind of took for granted your friendship and how much I love you. You are a great example to me. I´m glad you and Pres. Garbig have been able to work on your callings better and I´m glad Travis´s family has had some great experiences. 

Family, it sounds like everybody has had a great week. I´m glad you could go to the play Berks and I hope you are still having fun at school. Austin, Dad told me about your AAU games and I think it is awesome that you had a really good game. Savannah, keep working hard in softball, I´m glad you could have a good time with that this week. Mom, I hope you have had fun with everybody and have been able to relax and just be happy.

I don´t have much time for pictures so I will probably only send a few per week, but I am taking pictures.

The mission is really tough, but it´s going good for me. I love you family, I couldn´t ask for a better one and I´m still trying not to miss you all so much.

You are all the best!!!

Love, Denver