Friday, May 12, 2017

April 18-24

This week was greaaaat! I honestly cannot believe that it is already P-Day again. When you have a baptism coming up you are really busy and we had a lot of activities as well. On Tuesday, we had splits and I was with Elder Henriquez from Brazil. We had a lot of fun together and I learned a lot from him. Elder Kotter is from Jordan, Utah. He loves to play basketball. It´s his dream. I can tell that he is not the same person as when he left his mission and I´m excited for the time when I can notice a change in myself. This week, I tried to really want to do the things of the mission because I wanted to, not because I had to. I am learning that everybody starts at ground zero and little by little, they grow. It will be cool to see with time that I won´t be thinking too much to talk or understand people, and that I will be able to think of scriptures to relate to investigators. I am really appreciating my study times because I have realized that there is a lot about the gospel that I don´t know, and it has been fun to learn more.

The baptism of Nicolas and Estella was really spiritual! I had not been to a baptism in a long time, but it really is an act of saving souls. We had many members from the church come and support. Also, there was three other investigators by other Elders that were baptized and it was really cool. Nicolas is 19 and Estella is 20 and they have a son named Ian. They were married on Wednesday and baptized on Saturday. Nicolas never gives me a straight answer so it is really difficult to know the real answer when I don´t know Spanish very good. His full name is Rodrigo Nicolas Gonzalez and I was really nervous when I asked him for his full name in the baptismal font. He went on with Rodrigo Nicolas Ramon Sabatian ... etc. was... not... funny.... haha. But on Sunday when the five investigators received the spirit, it was just like wow! We had so many people in church too, like 111 I think! Usually I think we have like 40-50. It was a great weekend.

This week treated me good. We had a service project building a house of one of the sisters which was really fun and afterwards, we had hamburgers! Little things like that make me really happy, but to be honest, the food is really good here. I´m loving Argentina and I feel like I´m getting more used to things every week.

Savannah congrats on your ACT score! I´m glad that Travis´s family is doing good, I´m really excited for him because I think that he will really enjoy the MTC. In like two weeks he´s going to be in his mission! I really think he will do a good job. Hopefully the next week is a little more exciting, but thanks for writing me every week! I really enjoy receiving emails from the family and seeing how everybody is. I can´t wait to skype for Mother´s day, that will be so cool! Have a great week!!!

Love, Denver