Friday, May 12, 2017

April 11-17

Sounds like everybody had a great Easter! It was a little weird for me because everyday is kind of the same so I kind of forgot that it was a holiday because we were out walking around and teaching everyday. So I guess that helped with being homesick and things like that, but I feel okay. In Argentina, they call the week of Easter the Semana Santa and it´s kind of an all week thing. In Santa Elena, I didn´t notice too many celebrations, but it could be because they don´t have much here. There´s like no work in Santa Elena. Either you have a kiosco, (small store in the front room of your house so that people can look through the window and see what they want), or you fish everyday and eat and sell your fish, or wash people´s clothes etc... but yeah there´s like nothing for jobs here except for the very few stores. 

This week was really good and went by really fast! And just so you know, we have been followed by Hermana Dog for the past week. She sleeps outside of our apartment and everything. To be honest, we´re sick of her because she likes to jump on us and everything during lessons. Last Tuesday, we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Maria, who is with her boyfriend and two year old daughter. They used to have a little pet owl that could fit in your hand, but we came to find out that their daughter, Megan, picked it up, threw it down, and.... stomped on it. The owl is no longer 😭. Anyways, we were talking to her about the importance of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and invited her to do so again, because it´s something that she hasn´t been doing. She said she would if she had her book. Apparently, Megan ripped it up and ate it. I don´t know what is going on with her daughter, but she is like a little beast haha. Anyways we gave her a new one and told her to be careful.

Saturday, we had baptisms! One of the other sets of elders in our district had two baptisms on Saturday and so that was really great to see and it was fun for me, because I haven´t been to a baptism in a while. The baptisms were for two kids whose parents have been less active, but are coming back. It was really neat to watch them, and we had a lot of support from the branch.

We have two baptisms coming up this week for Nicolas and Estella. They are getting married on Wednesday and I'm excited for that. They have their interviews tonight and I feel like they are ready. They keep our commitments and they are just really cool. Also, they are about are same age, so we can relate to them in other ways too. They have a one year old baby Ian that almost died when he was born and he gets sick a lot. He is okay now, but sometimes the weather really gets to him, but I don´t think I've ever seen a happier baby. They really have a special family and it´s been great to talk about eternal families with them. 

It really sounds like you all have had a great week and I´m glad you guys could have some family time. Hopefully you can keep enjoying the weather and that school, sports, and work keeps going well. I really love our family and I appreciate our family more since I've been gone. It´s weird to think that I will skype home in like a month!!!

Love you all!!!