Friday, May 12, 2017

April 25-May 1

Sorry if this email isn´t that exciting this week because I have a lot of stuff to do! But this week went by pretty quick and I learned a lot about who I am as a missionary. I´ve been trying so hard to be obedient and follow the mission rules and just do everything that I´m supposed to, but I don´t think I´ve been too patient with myself either. I´ve determined to just chill and really want to serve instead of worrying if I´m doing everything right. We have some great investigadors and families right now!

La familia Alegre: There are three daughters and the mother that we are teaching, but there are nine kids in total. They really want to follow Christ and came to church with us this past week!

La familia Centurión: There are certain investigators that you know are prepared by the Lord to receive his message and this family is one of them. We are teaching Damián, Lautardo, and Esmaralda. They are all siblings and Lautardo came to church last week for the first time! 

La familia Wienzetel: Kristina is the mom and she has three younger kids, but she is awesome! We had a cool experience with her the past week. We were praying Saturday night to help our investigators remember to go to church Sunday and right when we finished the prayer, we got a text from Kristina! She asked what time church was and it was way cool! And then she didn´t go the next day... darn it. But she told us that she was all ready to go but was too nervous so we´re going to walk with her next week.

These are just some of our families, but we have a bunch of really good investigators that we just need to take the next step with them and help them work towards baptism.

I´m excited to start winter soon and be able to wear sweaters. Right now since it´s fall, even though it´s still probably at least 70 degrees, the leaves are falling off of the trees. It rained a few days ago for like the whole day and we got soaked, but what are you going to do. At least I have plastic bags around my scriptures haha. 

Slowly but surely, the language is coming and I can understand people a little better. I´m starting to be able to have short conversations with people. When we teach, it´s not as hard, because I can understand what the investigators say based on what my companion says afterwards, and it´s easier for me to talk than understand.

Thanks so much for the emails mom and dad. There are six missionaries in Santa Elena. It sounds like the pet fence has been a pain in the rear!! But it makes me feel a little better that maybe I wasn´t the only one getting soaked this past week. Every once and a while I think about how fun it is to go to the AAU games and just be with our family. I hope your shoulder is okay Savannah : ( Hopefully nothing is wrong with it and that you will feel better soon. Austin, it sounds like you are the man and doing really well in basketball and that your team made Bob go crazy! I can´t wait to see you guys play when I get back even though I will probably be terrible haha! 

Dad I could download Life is a Game of Football, but it like played backwards for some reason and I couldn´t do the one from Bruce R. McConkie, so if you could maybe send them again that would be great!

Next week I will know when we skype!! I´m way excited for that, but you will know next week for the time. 

Sorry this email was kind of boring this week, I hope all of you keep doing great and have a great week! Love you all!!!