Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MTC Week 3: Feb. 19-25

I can hardly remember what has happened this past week. I can't believe it's already P-Day again. I get so excited for P-Day because i just like to get to go to the temple. I think over this past week I finally got my Spanish out of first gear and into second gear. I'm having more fun teaching now that I can actually say something. I'm still slow, but my vocabulary is slowly getting bigger I think- or I'm remembering words that I forgot from Spanish class. Either way, I've had a good week with my Spanish. Last Sunday was really great. Elder Sandler and I had to teach Priesthood and it went really good. We taught about how we can feel the Spirit and receive revelation. I really love Sunday's here though because you can kind of just relax and you don't have to worry about classes or having to teach anybody. Also on Sundays, we have choir where we learn the song we are going to sing for the Tuesday Devotional and even though I'm stinky at singing, it's kind of fun. However, the seats are so hard. After sitting on them for like two hours you really start squirming. Or falling asleep. We have a fireside Sunday night which is usually pretty good and we get to watch a movie afterwards. They usually have about six of them and they're really good! They're things like Meet the Mormons, The Restoration, or really good talks by General Authorities. So far I've really enjoyed those. We saw The Restoration last week and that was really fun to watch. Joseph Smith is probably my favorite prophet. 

One thing that has been cool is that at the MTC, you will see people that you either know, or you know you have seen them before. I've seen a bunch of people that I've recognized from school and at least like 4 people from my mission prep class. I'm pretty sure I even saw somebody from one of the Rupert singles ward activities I went to. At Neil's shop, I became friends with a kid named Skyler. He invited me to a singles ward activity and we went tubing on the Snake River. We had a lot of fun. Anyways, I was getting lunch one day and as one of the people was dishing up the food and putting it on the counter for us they were like, "Elder Toner?" I was confused and I was like, "Yeah?" he asked if I remembered him and I realized he was one of my friends at EFY! It was from the first time I went. I remembered his name was Brayden and he was really cool. He was quiet but fun. Anyways we talked for a bit and he's been at BYU and he's just been working at the MTC in the cafeteria. He put his mission papers in I think last Sunday. I gave him my email and I think it would be cool to keep in touch with him. Also, you'll have to tell Grandma Connie that I found Elder Broadbent. I can't remember if he's from Oakley or not, but she told me to look out for him. He ran the laser cutter at Neil's shop when I was there and I've talked to him before but he didn't remember me. He was a BYU-I intern. 

I don't really have anything else. I'm a little sad though that two of the districts in our zone are leaving. We have such an awesome fun zone. I think I've mentioned Elder Call and Elder Dalley before, but they were so fun and crazy. They're both going to Panama. I'm going to miss our zone leaders too. They've been lots of fun. Anyways, they all leave at 3:00 Monday morning and it's weird to think that I'm already almost half-way through the MTC. It will be fun to get new districts though. Hopefully they're lots of fun too. 

I think I'm going to sign off for this P-Day. Hope everyone has a great week. Let me know what's going on.