Tuesday, April 4, 2017

MTC Week 1: Feb 8-11, 2017

Hola! The first day of the MTC was kind of a blur, but I was really excited. However, I slept like crap that night. I think I got a grand total of four hours of sleep that night which made no sense because I was ready to drop, but I'm caught up on the sleep now. I live on the MTC campus and there are four people in our room (two companionships). The other elders are definitely... something. I'll just let you use your imagination when I tell you about them. My companion's name is Elder Sandler and he's from Virginia. He likes to write and do poetry.  He knows Spanish better than I so it's kind of difficult when teaching because it's hard for me to say what I want but I told him about it and I hope today goes better. We get along fine...I am learning to be more tolerant. Oh and he is also going to Santa Fe. We are the only ones in our district going there. A lot of the other missionaries are going to the Salta mission in Argentina.

So, the next elders... I really like Elder Jensen. He's really funny and not annoying. He has ADD and so he's always flying off the handle, but he controls himself pretty well. He just has a funny sense of humor. As of this morning, he has found a total of 36 notes from his family hidden in his luggage. They are very spicy too with big hearts and letters all over them. He had no idea about them and he keeps finding more. His mom went to the effort to unpackage one of his shirts, hid a package inside, and then repackage the shirt. So it's really funny when he keeps finding them. The first day he looked so familiar to me and I was so confused. I heard him mention something about him going to BYU-I for a semester and I realized that he was in my mission prep class at school! There was only like twenty people in there! But he is going to the jungles of Nicaragua. He doesn't need suits for his mission. 

Elder Faragher is pretty cool too. He's been anticipating packages like crazy the past few days, but he just got a load of them yesterday, so he's doing pretty good. None of the elders in our room are trying to push the limits on rules so that's good.

So as of yesterday and today we have had normal days. We have two classes a day for I think 2.5-3 hours each. We started teaching an investigator yesterday. After two days. Not cool. Anyways that went terrible and we see him again tonight so I hope I'm better prepared. I feel like I'm okay with the language based on where we are in class right now. Elder Sandler has a larger vocabulary so it's easier for him to talk even if all the words are not perfect or pronunciated correctly. Also, it seems like all the sisters know what they're doing. They seem so much smarter, one of them is from Italy and she understands spanish better than english. One of them spoke spanish in their house growing up. Another one just seems really smart. I'm trying hard and I hope I can notice an improvement in a few days. Our teacher's name is Hermano Cook. He is a student at BYU and he is very cool. He doesn't speak any english in the lessons, but he is a good teacher. He is a business strategy major and to get into his department he needs a very high ACT score. He told us the average is a 30.5 and so he had to take that this morning. We hope he did well.

Two nights ago, we had a meeting with our branch presidency and got to meet all of them. They seem really awesome! I'm excited to go to church tomorrow. In that meeting, there was just the two new districts and each of us bore our testimony and shared interesting facts about ourselves. We have some pretty cool people in our zone. Basketball is pretty fun during exercise time. Pretty much everyone on our floor is insane and you can't trust any of them haha. Just kidding that's an exaggeration, but you do have to look around the corners before walking so you don't get hit with something.. like food. So far I've been lucky. Anyways that was a ramble, at our branch meeting the other night, I was selected to be the district leader for the first three weeks at the MTC for my district so I'm excited for the leadership opportunity. Basically all I have to do is conduct district meetings on Sunday's and get the mail everyday. Which is a big deal!!!!! There was sisters SCREAMING during there study time the other day because they were waiting on packages, but it's fun to bring the mail back to everyone.

So far everything is going good, but I can see how the schedule could get old...fast. You aren't allowed to leave, you stay in a room all day, they give you meals and a little exercise time and then you repeat. But so far I'm still having a good time. I really like everybody in our zone so that helps. I think that's all for now. Hope everyone's doing good and I love you all!

Me, Elder Sandler, Elder Faragher, Elder Jensen